August 12, 2007

The mad, fun side of Rhian Ramos

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August 12, 2007

In giving back to its Filipino audience, for their undying support, Animax Asia has produced a show especially for the Filipino youth. A lifestyle variety show, it’s aptly entitled “Mad Mad Fun,” and it’s directed by young but now renowned directors Quark Henares and R.A. Rivera and hosted by the country’s rising TV personality Rhian Ramos!

In tune with the interests of the Filipino youth and young adults, “Mad Mad Fun” is filled with “mad” ingredients of fun that that young people are fond of like music, movies, celebrities, gaming, sports, contemporary underground culture, animation and fashion. But most importantly, the show is all about wholesome fun and of course seeing Rhian Ramos as a wacky host having mad, mad fun with different stuffs and her guests.

Its first two episodes had Rhian pushing her guests, the bands Sandwich and Sugarfree, to the limit with the show’s antics and challenges. And in the upcoming episodes of “Mad Mad Fun,” watch out what Rhian has in store for the bands Up Dharma Down, Imago, Julianne, Chicosci, Wake Up Your Seatmate, Kamikazee, Parokya Ni Edgar, Spongecola, Pedicab, Urbandub and Pupil. And definitely you could predict and expect something mad and fun to watch in these future episodes!

For those still unfamiliar with “Mad Mad Fun,” every episode is loaded with entertaining and sometimes out of this world segments that are truly enjoyable to watch. There’s “Band Shocker” wherein band members for that day get to sit and be interrogated on an electric chair. They have a gun that gives out small charges of electricity. There’s also the “Kawaii Girls” segment (“kawaii” means “cute” in Japanese) where young viewers can catch these trendy “kawaii” girls. Of course, it is headed by the “Queen of Kawaii,” Rhian Ramos!

Another noteworthy segment of “Mad Mad Fun” is its take on the hottest trends, spots and pop culture in the country. Of course, there is also an interview segment wherein the host gets to sit down and have an in-depth chat with her guests!

“Mad Mad Fun” is the first hosting stint of Rhian Ramos with a popular cable TV network in Asia, Animax. Her bubbly persona as well as pretty face are only two of the main reasons she fitted the job well. But even before “Mad Mad Fun,” Rhian has slowly been climbing to the top of her career in showbusiness when she started in the TV commercial for McDonald’s.

Since then she has landed various roles on TV starting as Leah Lazaro in the TV version of the comic book “Captain Barbell” and one of the leading ladies of the country’s popular actor Richard Gutierrez in “Lupin,” the action–packed series based on an anime.

Below, the “Mad Mad Fun” host talks more about her show in a mad, mad fun way. And mind you, she’s not just a host who follows script in the said show. As you would experience in “Mad Mad Fun,” Rhian too has mad, mad creative freedom to have fun!

Q: Tell us what’s fun about “Mad Mad Fun?”

A: It’s different from the typical Filipino humor. It’s fun and different from the other things you see on TV. The magical thing about it is that as we do more and more episodes our chemistry grows not only the directors but also the on cam talents. So every episode gets better and better.

Q: What’s the show’s concept?

A: It’s like a teen lifestyle program. We feature everything new and interesting for the young people of today…it’s more of representing the youth now because everything is so advance like with regards to technology and even the music they listen to and the fashion. I guess we are just exposing what’s new.

Q: Are you more natural in this show? Or were there also adjustments?

A: Yeah. It’s cool nga because parang I’m not working. It’s cool because it shows my sense of humor, my playfulness, may pagka-sadista against the bands.

Q: How “sadista” were you?

A: I electrocuted Sugarfree. It’s cool (laughed)…it’s really cool because me I like watching gigs and a lot of the bands that are on the list to interview I’m really a big fan of these bands. And then I get to watch them play in front of me so I’m really kilig and it’s so cool. I love my job!

Q: Tell us about “kawaii girls.”

A: Kawaii is a Japanese term for cute. But they’re not only cute but also sassy like the girls you see in anime who are very sexy in their short skirt plus their standard pose. They show girls like that in real life that they really have different jobs like they could be wall climbers or Internet gamers. They are just interesting and impressive people.

Q: How do you have mad, mad fun?

A: Me simply lang. Teens nowadays when they have fun they think it should have malice like they have to drink and stuff like that. For me that’s not really necessary. Me I mix up food. For example, you get an iced tea and drink half of it. Then the other half you fill up with “mongo” and you put rice and you put tissue. So it’s just for fun and entertaining. It’s like you’re just testing yourself. It could just be good clean fun and I just like hanging out.

Q: How’s it working with your directors?

A: I love working with the both of them. They alternate working in the show. They are not strict and they are just being themselves. They are like mad, mad fun talaga. They have these weird ideas that you’d wonder where they got it. But they’re very interesting, entertaining and funny stuffs. They know what people want.

Q: Who do you think between them knows how to have mad, mad fun?

A: I guess both in different ways. Because R.A. is boss of innuendos and Quark is just weird.

Q: Are you going to have sponsors for your clothes for the show?

A: Well no but we have stylists who takes care about the look and feel for the whole show. Once again the fashion we use in the show is not the kind you’d see in the malls. It’s Animax so it’s very anime-based. It’s colorful and playful.

Q: How were you chosen?

A: AXN covered the premiere of “The Promise.” They interviewed me and the other stars and they asked us to say some phrases. I don’t really know why they picked me.

Q: How different are you here compared to your other shows?

A: It will be the first time you’d see me this way and it’s only in “Mad Mad Fun.” I’ve been in showbiz for a year and people don’t really understand what or who I am yet because they watch me in shows in different characters who different from the real me. For example in the movie “The Promise,” I’m this kikay and malandi. I do enjoy life but I’m not that kikay…it’s two different worlds. As you can see I’m very madaldal and I like expressing myself and I’m very candid. It’s fun to be able to host a host and do it as yourself. I can actually tell people what I think. While acting is very different as you can experience a totally different life than you already have. I love both worlds because I like to talk and I like to act!

(Here’s a “Mad Mad Fun” trivia about Rhian Ramos. Before joining showbiz, she used to buy and wear from the Men’s section because it’s easier for her. She used to have one pair of girl’s jeans.

She explained, “For example sa damit ng pambabae, you have to look for that perfect pair of jeans that hug your butt, that right length and it has to stick to your tighs but to your shin. Like in Men’s jeans, you wear it and it just falls. For me why complicate life because I never cared before how I looked. Now it’s different and I’m getting good at shopping which I thought before as a chore!”

(“Mad Mad Fun” airs every Saturday at 8 p.m. in Animax.)


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